à propos d'Anna & Wolf

Nous avons sélectionné avec soin des trésors de brocante, des objets d’artisanat et de la décoration. Nous espérons que vous les aimerez autant que nous!


the people behind the brand

Anna & Wolf evolves from the passion of 2 designers, Naia who grew up in Paris and Folk who lived most of his life in Amsterdam, before they decided to join Forces. They both share a passion for graphic, product and interior design, and can dwell for days the small flee markets in france and belgium to find the most beautiful vintage treasures.



We love the mix of modern and vintage, graphic minimalism combined with rustic shapes and organic materials. Here we describe a bit more our style and what to expect in our shop in the future. > where we would like to end up. (own brand?, more artisans?) we invite you to visit our instagram, where you get a glimpse of our universe.


We believe in a sustainable world and feel, being designers ourselves, that the value of quality in design, production processes and material is very important. Not only for the pleasure it gives to its beholder, but also the time it therefore exist. With good design, an item can last forever and will keep on giving satisfaction from owner to owner, A better production process lowers the carbon footprint and pollution on this planet and offers a better working condition for the artisans. We hope with our selection of design and the choice of packaging material, we contribute a little bit to a better world.